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About Us 關於我們

Mission of Balloon Art Workshop Ltd  is awe-inspiring joy and elation through the language of balloons.

From year 2009, we strive to impart professionalism in our budding industry in a hope to cultivate balloon culture and enhance the public image of balloon artists in Hong Kong. We will reach this mission by sharing our skills, knowledge and values via education and training.

We don't miss a moment. We pride ourselves in taking every opportunity to create memories. Through our kaleidoscope of balloons, implements of color, fashion, and natural creativity, every precious moment of your celebration will be instantly married to a memory. Motivated by this one goal, we are consistently pushing ourselves to the limit. Providing a lifetime of precious moments is what we do-- one that can be told again and again.

The amalgamation of balloons has brightened our day, and we hope to share that with you.

Our core businesses comprise:

氣球 - 象徵歡欣喜樂的傳遞, 也代表夢想與盼望。
從2009年開始, 香港綵球創作工房,致力於香港引入氣球藝術,為人們帶來歡樂和難忘的時刻, 這是香港綵球創作工房的使命。