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Grand Opening & Promotion 開幕及推廣活動

1. Waldo round balloons  2. Bronze event opening balloons  3. Gold showcase balloons

4. Yellow balloon and banner decoration

5. Rikakkuma bear decoration

6. Red lips decoration  7. Red lips decoration  8. Imprint event balloons  9. Orange imprint event balloons

10.  Pink and white bouquet balloons  11. Silver imprint balloons  12. Wine and star balloons  13. Silver and red imprint balloons

14. Fashion shoes decoration  15. Fashion event black and white balloons  16. Golden yellow and silver pillars  17. Gold and silver balloons

18. Pink balloons in balloons  19. White imprint balloons  20. Flower pillar decoration  21. White balloon stage decoration

22. Domain name stage decoration  23. Red and yellow stage decoration