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Services 服務提供

  • Venue decorations
    • The irresistible color, glow and sparkle of balloons can transform any event into the party of the century! The intensity of a function room full of colorful balloons provides more visual impact, dollar for dollar, than any other form of decor.
    • Planning a wedding? Let us help you design the wedding decorations of your dreams with balloons...and do it all at a price that fits within your budget!
    • Planning a grand opening or business promotion? Let us help you create a unique atmosphere for your customers to generate more sales while you and your guests enjoy themselves.

      We have decorated more 5- and 6- stars hotels, marinas, exhibition halls and country clubs in Hong Kong than any body else combined. 

  • Balloon Delivery
    • Want to surprise your loved ones, celebrate a special occasion, express a sentiment or emotion you are too shy to say? Let’s do it for you. We make prompt and courteous delivery of inflated balloons and bouquets to any locale in Hong Kong.

      Feel free to browse in Products for images and choices of balloons to make your own bouquets, or call us for ideas.

  • Custom imprint balloons for advertisement
    • Want to promote your company’s image? Let us inflate and hand out colorful balloons decorated with your company's logo to your customers or guests. Leave all the graphic design and imprinting to us!

  • Balloon art academy
    • We conduct regularly training classes on balloon art for schools, church outreach departments and community service centers.
    • For schools as extracurricular activities, we have developed with educators a robust lesson plan that builds values and positive attitudes in the areas of concentration, self-control, self-confidence, imagination and innovation.
    • Please call us on how to custom make a training program for your organization.

  • Balloon, helium gas and equipment wholesaling 
    • Balloon Grade Helium cylinder comes in three sizes:
      • R-size that holds 6.2 cubic meter (219 cu ft) of gas 
      • K-size that holds 3.1 cubic meter (109 cu ft) of gas
      • G-size that holds 1.25 cubic meter (44 cu ft) of gas 

      • Party-size that holds 0.5 cubic meter (17 cu ft) of gas 

    • All cylinders are equipped with a single nozzle inflator, unless it is specified by special request from customers.
      HELIUM has a lift of .84 ounces per cubic foot at sea level.
      Lift is reduced approximately 7.5% for each 1000 feet above sea-level.

      Round latex balloonsQuantity of inflated balloons
      Balloon sizeBalloon capacityApp. float time (hrs)R sizeK sizeG sizeP size
      9 inches0.007 cu. m.688044017070
      11 inches0.015 cu. m124402208530
      16 inches0.042 cu. m241437228-
      24 inches0.142 cu. m3641228-
      30 inches0.226 cu. m4826135-
      36 inches0.425 cu. m60137-
      • -

  • 場地佈置
    • 五彩繽紛、閃耀奪目的綵球能使平凡的活動成為世紀大派對!利用氣球佈置宴會能為你的宴會帶來更佳的視覺效果!真真正正的物超所值,用氣球佈置所提升的效果比任何一種佈置更理想。
    • 正在籌劃婚禮?我們樂意在你的支出預算範圍內,讓氣球佈置的高貴和歡樂充;滿婚禮場地,令每位賓客都有一個難忘的晚上!
    • 正在籌劃盛大的開幕典禮或商業推廣活動?讓我們為你的活動製造一個獨一無二的氣氛,讓你的顧客投入享受,提高你的營業額!
    • 我們曾經為香港多間五星及六星級酒店、遊艇會、展覽館、商場、酒樓和俱樂部進行佈置,經驗豐富。請瀏覽我們的相片 欣賞我們以往的作品!
  • 球束送遞
    • 想給你的至愛一個驚喜?想慶祝一個特別時刻?想告訴別人你的心意或感謝,但怯於啟齒?就讓我們替你辦吧!我們會以最迅速和殷勤的方式為你送出球朿和鮮花,對方必定因你的心思而感動。

  • 訂製廣告氣球
    • 想推廣公司的形象?讓我們為你設計、印刷、派送色彩鮮豔印有貴公司標誌的綵球,或按你的活動主題, 印製具特色的氣球!
  • 氣球藝術學院
    • 我們定期舉辦氣球藝術訓練班,作專業培訓、親子活動、團隊建立、或減壓時刻等,除此,我們亦不時提供外展工作坊給學校、教會和社區服務機構。
    • 我們和教育界人士設計了一套彩球藝術的課餘活動課程,在該課程融合下,能為學童帶出正面的價值觀,訓練集中力、自信、感知、及創意。
    • Bill叔叔是「專業氣球師訓練課程」的課程總監,並親自設計和教授數以百計的氣球師,該課程是本港唯一一個受「持續進修基金」認可的氣球師課程。

  • 綵球、氦氣、和器材批發
    • 氦氣氣瓶分三個分量:
      • R-size 可容 6.2 立方米(219 立方呎) 氣
      • K-size 可容 3.1 立方米(110 立方呎) 氣
      • G-size 可容 1.25 立方米(44 立方呎) 氣

      • Party- Perfect 可容 0.5 立方米(17 立方呎)氣 

    • 除非特別要求,每瓶都帶有泵氣嘴.
    • 乳膠波/ 氦氣關係表
      在海平綫上,每一立方呎氦氣有84 安士的升力.
      球尺寸氣球容量約可飄空時間(小時)氣瓶 R氣瓶 K氣瓶 G氣瓶 P
      9 inches0.007 cu. m688044017070
      11 inches0.015 cu. m124402208530
      16 inches0.042 cu. m241437228-
      24 inches0.142 cu. m3641228-
      30 inches0.226 cu. m4826135-
      36 inches0.425 cu. m60137--